April 2011 – April 2012
STITPROnounce Project at Multimedia Information Retrieval Lab, TU Delft, The Netherlands
stitpronounce fieldworkThe project aims to explore dialogue-driven design for mobile speech interfaces. The first year of the project consisted of two phases. The phase-1 comprised of design and implementation of open-source mobile application showcases referred as ‘Verbals mobile system’. The phase-2 consisted of a six-week ethnographic field-research and development of IBM’s Spoken-Web based mobile systems for the domain of education in rural environments in India.

Project Category: STITPRO Foundation funded academic research

My Role: Design Researcher & Scientific Programmer

Tasks: Design, Implementation (Android Speech APIs, Flickr API), Ethnography

Project URL:

November 2010 – March 2011
Maternal Health Research, a self-financed research in Chhattisgarh, India
rural household chhattisgarhA qualitative research on multiple dimensions of rural maternal health in Champa-Janjgir district of Chhattisgarh, India. Chhattisgarh is predominantly a tribal state with 80% rural population. We have made an attempt to evaluate the relation of rural maternal health with broad range of social, cultural, economic, educational, policy, infrastructural, and medical issues from rural population’s perspective. We are currently conducting the data analysis of the ethnographic data.

Project Category: Academic Research

My Role: Ethnographer, Chhattisgarh, India

Tasks: Field Research Planning, Ethnography, Data Analysis

Team Member: Noopur Singh

January 2009 – March 2010
Design Opportunities and Challenges in Indian Urban Slums – Community Communication and Mobile Phones, master’s thesis research, India/Finland
The thesis focuses on marginalized communities belonging to Indian urban slums and discusses the existing practices of mobile phone’s use, identifies the human nodes of community communication, presents design opportunities and challenges for community communication services, and proposes a design concept called Asynchronous Voice based Community Communication Service.

Project Category: Academic Research

Tasks: Research planning, Ethnography, Data Analysis, Design, Writing

Awards: The thesis was awarded the highest grade, ‘Department of Media-Stipend’ and Second Prize at CUMULUS 20th Anniversary Exhibition (‘Young Creators for Better City & Better Life’) at Shanghai World Expo 2010, China. The research also resulted in 5 peer reviewed journal and conference publications.

Research Details: A visual overview and the full text.

May – June 2009
Usability Evaluation of Alan01 Interactive Installation and AlanOnline at Crucible Studio Research Group, Finland
Alan01 InstallationAlan01 is an interactive installation based on life of Alan Turing. It investigates associational storytelling and interaction structures. AlanOnline is web counterpart of the Alan01 installation.I worked as an independent usability researcher and conducted qualitative and quantitative evaluation of both Alan01 installation and AlanOnline. The evaluation work consisted of creation of use-cases, conducting user tests and web-based survey, correlation of qualitative and quantitative data and compilation in a report.

Project Category: Academic Research

My Role: Usability Evaluator

My Tasks: Qualitative and Quantitative Usability Evaluation.

Project URL:

Publication:Mika Lumi Tuomola, Teemu Korpilahti, Jaakko Pesonen, Abhigyan Singh, Robert Villa, P.Punitha, Yue Feng, Joemon M. Jose. “Concept, content and the convict”. ACM Multimedia. Beijing 2009 [Available]

July – October 2008
ENCOMPAS (Enabling Community Communications – Platforms and Applications) Project, an independent research in India
Ethnography in Bangalore '2008An independent seven week ethnographic research initiative funded by ENCOMPAS EUREKA CELTIC EU-project to explore mobile practices in the context of citizen journalism in India.The project targeted low-income communities and corporate workers based in Mumbai and Bangalore city of India. I developed and tested a mobile application prototype called Voice Annotation Tool for Mobile Image and Video. The prototype was developed using Python for Symbian platform and it was tested on Nokia’s 2nd and 3rd edition phones.

Project Category: Academic Research

My Role: Researcher

My Tasks: Ethnography, Participatory Design, and Mobile Application Prototyping

Awards: 3500 Euros Research Grant

February – June 2008
Urban Mediator (UM) Project at ARKI Research Group, Finland
user tests in Helsinki 2008Urban Mediator (UM) is an open framework and collection of tools that provides a way for communities to mediate local, location-based discussions, activities, and information. I developed a prototype called UM’s Mobile Standalone Tool, which facilitates a user to capture and publish information (digital images,geo-information, user-generated tags etc). The prototype was developed for Nokia 3rd Edition (Symbian) Phones using Python (S60).
Project Category: EU-funded Academic Research
My Role: Research Assistant
Tasks: Mobile Application Prototyping, User Testing

Project URL:

January – April 2008
Havis Amanda Interactive Video Installation, Design Research Seminar course project, Finland
havis amanda video installationHavis Amanda Interactive Video Installation was part of Havis Amanda – Mon Amour exhibition organized by Helsinki City Art Museum from 30 April – 31 August 2008 to celebrate 100 anniversary of the the most famous statue in Helsinki. Helsinki. Every year on the eve of May Day students from one of the universities in Helsinki ‘crown’ the statue of Havis Amanda with a student cap to celebrate the end of a study year. This tradition has continued since 1920 and it is witnessed by thousands of people. The Havis Amanda interactive installation facilitated virtual crowning of Havis Amanda and involved projection of video footages based on motion tracking technique.

Project Category: Interactive Installation, Course Project

Tasks: Interaction Design, Scenario Based Design

Team Members: Aleksi Hyvönen, Anna Keune, Juha Kronqvist, Kristine Visanen,

Mikko Pykäri, Sonja Krogius and Suvi Kitunen

November 2007 – April 2008
Happily Bubbling Map, Dynamic Visualization Design course project, Finland
happily bubbling mapA Self-Organizing Map (SOM) based visualization of music folksonomies on is Internet Radio with over 20 million users. The aim of the visualization was to show how different countries are related to each other on the basis of online music listening behavior. The usage data from 40 countries, 139 unique artists (top 10 artists of each country) and 269 unique user-generated tags (top 15 tags for each artist) were processed for the visualization. Data visualization utilized position, color and size parameters for representation while included functionality of mouse-over (blur), filtering and zoom-in/out for interaction.

Project Category: Course Project

Tasks: Visualization and Technical Development using Processing

Team Member: Jenni Stenman

December 2006 – March 2007
TSS Xpress (Client: BNSF Railways) at Infosys Technologies Ltd., India
TSS Xpress Sample ScreenTransport Support System (TSS) Xpress is a web 2.0 application designed for migration from critical main-frame applications for BNSF railway’s tracking system. This application is used by over 10,000 users. I was involved in this project for a period of 4 months. My role dealt with interaction design and usability issues related to Yard Status Workflow.

Project Category: Design Industry Project

My Role: User Interface Designer

Tasks: Interaction Design, Usability

April – August 2006
New Price Management (Client: Kmart & Sears) at Infosys Technologies Ltd., India
New Price Management wireframeA software application for price management procedures at Kmart & Sears retail stores. This application was designed to be used as single point of contact for complex price management procedures for the products in over 3000 Kmart & Sears retail stores in U.S.A. The application was very data-intensive. Design challenge was to reflect the merchandize information hierarchy and enhance the readability of the financial information. Design constraint was that all the Kmart & Sears stores have screens of 800*600 pixels resolution.

Project Category: Design Industry Project

My Role: User Interface Designer

Tasks: User Requirements,Taskflows, Information Architecture, Interaction Design, Wireframing, Design Specifications

January – April 2005
Synesthesia, bachelor’s thesis research, India
Audio Haptic Color Teaching ToolSynesthesia is a research exploration to give an understanding of color to visually impaired children through the aural and haptic senses. The project involved experiments with non-speech auditory displays and culminated in a functioning prototype of Audio-Haptic Color-Teaching Tool. This project is my thesis for the degree of Bachelor’s of Technology in Information and Communication Technology (ICT).

Project Category: Bachelor’s Thesis

Tasks: Contextual Inquiry, Design and Development of Audio-Haptic Color Teaching Tool

Team Member: Rahul Mukherjee

Awards: The thesis was awarded the highest grade.

Workshop Outcomes

October 2009
UBIQ, a two weeks workshop, Finland
UBIQ screenshotUBIQ is design concept for a future mobile phone created during a mobile experience workshop conducted by Media Lab Helsinki and Nokia Research Center (NRC) Helsinki.

Project Category: Academic Workshop

Tasks: Design Concept Development, Visualization

Team Members: Juha Törönen, Leyla Nasibova, Yosef Bercovich

Video: UBIQ [Video]

October 2008
Postmodern Mirror, puredata workshop, Finland
postmodern mirror prototypePostmodern mirror is a prototype developed in three days during a puredata workshop at Media Lab Helsinki. The prototype uses live-video feed from three webcams and a motion-tracking patch to facilitate user experience corresponding to the themes: “the more things change the more they stay the same” and “objects in mirror are closer than they appear”.

Project Category:Academic Workshop

Tasks: Design, Prototype Development

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